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3d models for sell

We have several models ready for game engines, both for desktop and mobile. We are constantly increasing the number of models availble so check periodically.

But we also are preparing some give aways to help those who are starting in game development.

You can buy the models directly from our page with a discount on the price or directly from Turbosquid at regular price.

We try to offer great models ready for game engines like Unity so polygon count is a very important matter.

If you are interested in any model not yet released, please contact me at:


Commercial models

Sprint-Car 3dGo kart 3d
Sprint-Car 3d
Free Models

Mobylette Campera Free 3d model Go Kart Free 3d model Go kart 3d Go kart 3d
Go kart 3d

Work in progress

Tumbler 3dChaja Concept Car
Hypercube 3d Hilux 3d
Dirt Track 3d Pulling Tractor 3dContainer Ship 3d
  Sprint Car 3d nemo model

Go - Kart - Price: 20 USD

Low polygon Kart model ready for game engines, both desktop and mobile.

Each 3D format version includes textures and unwrapped UVs.

Textures in Photoshop format with different layers for main color, decals, details, occlusion map and UV map.

Separate objects with axles property set in steering parts and rear axle. Separate objects for wheels too. 5900 triangles - 3350 vertices

Once the purchase is completed, the download of the model will start automatically. If you have any problem please send a message to contact@3dnemo.com from the same mail used for the purchase.


Sprint CarSprint Car
Sprint car views
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